In our three-story concrete house our old WiFi situation wasn’t optimal to say the least. I used to have an all-in-one router/switch/wifi thing which worked reasonably well on the first floor, but any device on the second or let alone third floor would be connected very poorly, if at all. The main problem was the location of the all-in-one device, namely in the same closet where the modem is located.

Enter Ubiquiti UniFi. This is a system where the routing, switching and access points can be broken up into parts. And therefore each part can be placed where it functions best. First on our list is the UniFi Security Gateway (USG), which acts as the router between our internal network and the internet.

Second on our list are the access points, both a regular AC lite and an AC long range.

The AC long range is placed on the first floor, providing coverage in our garden as well. The AC lite is placed on the second floor. This one provides coverage on the third floor as well, but it is easy to add another one if capacity or coverage proves to be too low.

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points
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