Fixing “Another operation involving the object is currently in progress” on XenServer

Sometimes XenServer does not allow you to shutdown or reboot a VM because “Another operation involving the object is currently in progress”. It would be nice to see what that operation is and be able to terminate the operation from XenCenter, but that isn’t the case yet. However, it is possible from the command line […]

Fixing “unable to find partition containing kernel” on XenServer with Ubuntu VM

Sometimes an Ubuntu VM doesn’t start up anymore on XenServer. The following error is shown in XenCenter: Error: Starting VM ‘My VM’ – Using <class ‘grub.GrubConf.Grub2ConfigFile’> to parse /grub/grub.cfg – WARNING:root:Unknown directive load_video – WARNING:root:Unknown directive terminal_output – WARNING:root:Unknown directive else – WARNING:root:Unknown directive elif – WARNING:root:Unknown directive else – WARNING:root:Unknown directive else – WARNING:root:Unknown […]

Restoring backup of VM in XenServer

In a previous article we looked at backing up running VMs in XenServer. In this article, we will see how a backed up VM can be restored. Login to the console of the host machine you want the restored VM to be placed on, and issue the following command: xe vm-import filename=”/path/to/backed-up-vm.xva” preserve=true The path […]

Rebooting a stuck VM on XenServer

Sometimes a VM on XenServer gets stuck. Trying to reboot it from XenCenter results in the error message “Another operation involving the object is currently in progress“. There are some steps that can be taken to reboot the VM from the command line on the XenServer host itself. We start with the UUID of the […]

Installing Ubuntu 10.04 on XenServer 6.0.2 with guest tools

In a previous article a couple of years ago I wrote about the possibility to install the XenServer guest tools on Ubuntu 10.04. The situation has changed for the better with the release of XenServer 6, which supports Ubuntu 10.04 out of the box. Since a lot of people are still referencing the original article […]

Deleting XenServer templates

Sometimes XenServer doesn’t allow you to delete templates from the XenCenter GUI or even the CLI. Here is how to delete templates from the CLI in three steps: Tell XenServer the template is not a default template Convert the template to a VM Delete the VM xe template-param-set other-config:default_template=false uuid=[uuid] xe template-param-set is-a-template=false uuid=[uuid] xe […]