WebSocket tutorial with Java server (Jetty) and JavaScript client

WebSocket is a web technology providing full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection. WebSocket is designed to be implemented in web browsers and web servers, but it can be used by any client or server application. In this tutorial we will use a Java server and a JavaScript client. We start with the Java […]

Running dynamic Java code

Using a Java library called Javassist it is possible to create class files on the fly and use them in the same program that created them. Sounds funky, and it is… First download the jar file from the JBoss download website. Then write a sample class file that will be edited by the Javassist library […]

Creating a Java WebStart (JNLP) application

Java WebStart, also called Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP), allows you to launch Java applications directly from the internet using a webbrowser. In this article we will create a simple application and all configuration files necessary to launch it through Java WebStart. We start with a simple Java program with a GUI: package nl.jansipke.samplegui; import […]

Installing Sun JDK 6 on Ubuntu 10.04

The Sun JDK can be installed on Ubuntu by adding a repository and installing with apt-get. The following works with the latest versions of both at the time of writing: Sun JDK 6 update 20 Ubuntu 10.04 sudo add-apt-repository “deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner” sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk If the command add-apt-repository is […]