Linux network auto shutdown from APC UPS

The APC Smart-UPS series of UPS devices allows you to power servers and switches when there is a power failure in the grid. When the UPS is running on batteries, you want your servers to be notified and properly shutdown. This article shows how you can accomplish that. We use the APC Smart-UPS X2200, with […]

Programming the Arduino ethernet shield

The Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It features an IDE that allows you to program the Arduino using a standard USB cable. Several shields exist that extend the functionality of the standard Arduino platform. In the picture above the Arduino is shown on the left and […]

Metering the meter cupboard

In this article we will look at my meter cupboard and the meters inside it. In future articles we will see how I used a microcontroller and some sensors to meter the meters (at the time of writing the electricity meter works). From left to right, these are the electricity, gas and water meter: Electricity […]

Installing SqueezeCenter on Ubuntu

After installing a brand new Ubuntu 9.04 Server, add the squeezecenter repository to /etc/apt/sources.list deb stable main Then tell apt to reload everything: sudo apt-get update Now try to install squeezecenter: sudo apt-get install squeezecenter The following seems to be necessary to install MySQL to the machine (which I didn’t select during installation): sudo […]

A Linux NAS setup with software RAID and incremental backup

Characteristics I wanted to make my own Network Attached Storage (NAS) device with the following characteristics: It should have lots of disk space and new disk space should be easy to add. The primary storage should be redundant: if one disk fails, the data should still be there. Important data on the primary storage should […]

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

Introduction On this page you can find information about the Personal Video Recorder I’ve built. I wanted to replace my old VCR with a more versatile machine with higher quality audio and video. There are commercial systems out there that can do some of these things, but not all that I wanted: Record and playback […]