I presented a paper called A Cloud Storage Platform In The Defense Context at the 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2012).

This paper discusses a cloud storage platform in the defense context. The mobile and dismounted domains of defense organizations typically use devices that are light in storage, processing and communication capabilities. This means that it is difficult to store a lot of information on these devices locally, but also that it is infeasible to rely on a central storage system that is accessible through a network. The concept of Information of Interest (IoI) is introduced to denote the information demand of a user and its devices and applications. A novel storage platform is designed and tested that uses well-known techniques such as synchronization, caching and discovery, and uses the IoI to determine the storage strategy. A sample application was created that runs on personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. Manual and automated tests were run to show that the platform behaves as expected.

A Cloud Storage Platform In The Defense Context
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